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Useful to know about Funeral Plans

  1. A Funeral Plan enables you to decide on the arrangements for a funeral in advance
  2. Your money is Safe. The payments you make for your funeral are held in trust or whole of life policy and are fully protected
  3. A Funeral Plan enables you to pay for your funeral at today’s prices no matter how far in the future your funeral takes place
  4. Your family and friends will have peace of mind because the costs of your funeral will be covered by your Funeral Plan
  5. A Funeral Plan enables you to make your wishes known to your friends and family, so your Funeral Service will be as you wish
  6. You can pay for your pre-paid Funeral Plan in 1 single payment or in monthly payments from LESS than £1 per day
  7. A Funeral Plan provides you the reassurance that your funeral will be conducted by a qualified, professional funeral director
  8. Pre-paid funeral plans have all of the funeral details arranged for you, to find out what funeral plan is best for you compare plans at

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